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  • February 11, 2022
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Hello Everyone,

Introducing you the real money skill-based earning brand new game applications of 2022 from webgradle InfoTech PVT Ltd.

This application contains many more interesting features and has some cool skill-based games with many more earning opportunities. If you are choosing this android application project for your startup then there will be a chance to be a millionaire in a few weeks. Let’s discuss the features and earning modules that can help you to start a successful business and to a millionaire.

About Application

This Android project builds on android studio by using Java language and contains a safe, secure, API with a core PHP back-end. For payment transactions, you will get Razor-pay payment and cash-free gateway included in this complete project.

The application can handle as much as users, you can target in this app. ( But depends on your server capacity; “SUGGESTED BEST SERVER FROM PHHOST” )

As we discuss this android application contains much more interesting and cool features for users that can help you to maintain engagement on this application and also have the entire necessary management field on the admin panel. So let’s discuss all the features of the application admin panel and also going to discuss investment and profit in the below paragraph.

Best Application Features to interact  with a User

A good Splash screen

Our app gives us a beautiful band attractive view of the splash screen, which increases the eagerness of the user. It makes the waiting time shorter and gives the user confidence in the app.


Hassle-free registration and login

Our app provides users with easy registration in a single click which meets the time. consuming process for creating a new account. The hassle-free registration increases the possibility of user Sign-up, reduces fewer login fails, and increases the average site time simultaneously.


Referral bonus

In our app, we give referral bonuses to both the user who referred our app and who is referred by. This referral bonus attracts more and more interested users in promoting our product and earning rewards. The user finds fun in sharing our brand with others which in turn benefits us in increasing our popularity in this competitive market.

Dashboard with attractive UI

The design of the dashboard is the key indicator of the growth of the business. Poor dashboard design may confuse the user and make all presented information difficult. In our app, the creativity of the dashboard is communicating our goals to the user which gives a smooth experience to them. our dashboard is combined with fascinating UI making the boring analytical data easy to read and understand.



User name with logo

It helps the user to know that he is login to the particular application.



Top 10 Winner shows at the top of the screen

The top of the front screen shows the best top 10 winners with their names and the money they earn. It makes us easy to know who among the participants is the best.


Promotional banner

The promotional banner shows the seasonal offers of our app which helps the users to know about the recent discount, offers, and recharge plans.



Leader board

The next feature of this app is the leader board. in this board, the name of the top 10 players is shown. the main purpose of this board is to make everyone know about their recent status, who is playing and earning more money.



A leaderboard presents a simple comparison of how the player is doing compared to other play


4 gameplay module

In this app, there are 4 gameplay modules available, where you can play four different games as:-

  • Popular game list

The game which is played mostly by the users is shown below the promotional banner. The new user who is the first visitor of this app wants to play the most popular or trending game can be easily able to access from this available game list.

  • Random Game Suggestion from application

The next interesting feature of this app is random game selection. This application has an option where after clicking, the application will select a random game for you to play. Whenever a new user enters the game and he will not to able to decide which game to play, then he can click the random game option and choose a game for him. It is a very interesting feature for users.



  • More interesting game

All interesting games are provided in this app which every user wants to Play.


  • Break the Score

Here you can play break the score game by biting off your own score and get a reward according to your performance in this game. it is very much interesting to play and adventurous to see how good you are in your own capability.



Two different Wallet management

A wallet management option is present in the top right side corner of the home screen through which the user can check his wallet history and know all the information about his daily transaction and the user can transfer his money to his account by going to the wallet option which is there. The withdrawal option will show the user to select a withdrawal method and after selection, the user can withdraw money by entering his id and amount.


This app has a double wallet, one is a deposit wallet and the other is a winning wallet. The referral earning of the users and game-winning amount will be deposited in the winning wallet.

For payment transactions, you will get Razor-pay payment and cash-free gateway included in this complete project.


There is a store option present near the home icons from where any user can recharge his account, there will also keep some offers for the user like recharging 10 rupees you will get 12 rupees. The interesting feature of the store is the user will get 20% more of the amount of rupees he recharges.


Get Daily Reward bonus to User

A reward option will be kept near the store, the user can win daily rewards by visiting on the reward option. Here 3 types of rewards available for the users as:-

  • Daily check-in reward: In the daily check-in reward, we will provide the reward to the user for visiting this page daily. Due to this facility, the user will take interest in visiting the application daily.


  • Spin reward: On this reward page we will spin provide a spin reward and that spin reward user can do only once every day. In spin reward, we will fix that the user gets the lowest price for a daily spin.



  • Scratch card: We will also have one scratch card option. user will get to scratch only once a day. we will fix that the user gets the lowest price for daily scratch.


All these facilities will take the user to play the daily game and this will take interest in the user’s mind to open the app daily.


After getting a reward there is a profile option in which the user will get to see all his/her data. there how many times the user has played the game how many times he has been a winner, all that will be visible.

There is also an option named my wallet in the profiler, through which he can know how much money is in the wallet? How much money did he get from the game? To withdraw money user go to my wallet option and click on the withdrawal button and then he will get an option there withdrawal method like Paytm, Phonepe, G-pay, etc.

Then he can withdraw by entering his ID and Amount. On this profile page, users will get a share button through which users can share this game link to any other via Whatsapp, telegram band message. There will also be a notification option on the profile page in which the user will get a game-related notification.

There will also be an update option, whenever there is any update in the game, the user can know from there and can also update from there.


Application Share

This feature allows you to share your application download link with a promotional message with its users.

Transaction History

In transaction history, you can able see the balance available with you after playing a game with your name specified. How much amount you deposit and how much you received from other sources will be shown in this section.

 Recharge with offer

You can create different recharge offer packages here. Where users can recharge their accounts with different plans. These features enable users to recharge by taking interest in it.

In-App Policy Page

This features page displays all terms and conditions of this game application with its all the legal policies to the users so that they cannot abide by any rules and regulations of this App.


End to end User notification

The user will get a notification about the game end to end. All the information related to the game will be notified to the user accordingly and instantly so that no deprived of information will be in the side user.

Notification to all User

All the game-related notifications will be sent to all the users of this app when it required.

Message to individual user

If the requirement of the message is for any individual user then this can also be done in this app. The only individual user will be messaged as per the instruction.

In-app update checker

Here all the updates of the application can be checked by the user at any time he wants. This feature allows the user to be updated about the game app.

Admin panel feature

Login-Simple login & Management on a single admin panel where you can manage all the necessities of the game app to manage the entire application.

Dashboard- Where you can track the activity of the application

Game- You can add 4 Games at a time by simply clicking on Add new.

Home Banner – Here you can add a home banner by simply clicking on the new button and removing the existing banner whenever it is required. You can also block and unblock banners when you required.

Store- In the store option you can create a recharge package, provide offers to the user. Block and unblock store option is also available.

Tracker- Track all user activity on the app

Withdrawal Request- Here you can Check User Withdraw requests with their payment details. You can Manually Change the withdrawal status from pending to complete after successful manual Payment Withdraw

User List- You can see all user details here. Block & Unblock to users and Can also send Personal messages to the

All images- You Can store all the images which are necessary for your application. You can also generate an image URL for Further Use.

Required info

  • Server
  • domain
  • Email id & password
  • logo
  • splash screen
  • A good app name
  • One signal code or account for setup
  • Payment gateway credentials
  • Privacy policy, terms & condition & Help URL.


  • First, you need a server to make this game, so you can choose the server according to your app’s needs.
  • If you want to buy a domain then you can buy a domain from our site PHHOST. On our site, you will get a domain with very less money.
  • If you have a logo for the game, that’s fine. If you do not have a logo and you want to get a logo from us, then we will take only 500 rupees from you for the logo.
  • If you have a good splash screen for the game then it’s ok. If you want to get a splash screen from us then we will charge you just RS700 for a splash screen.
  • If you have payment gateway approval then ok if you want to make a payment gateway from us we will charge you only 500 rupees for the payment gateway. Remember, if you want to set up the game near us, then we will set up the game for you only in 1000. If you do not want to do then we will tell you about documentation through which you can set up your game.
  • If you want to get graphics for your game then we will provide you graphics for your game in just 1500 rupees. Remember, if you want to create an account in the play store for your game, then we will create an account for you in the play store only for 2700 rupees after that, if you want to upload your game to the play store then we will upload your game to the play store only for 3000 rupees.


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