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  • August 18, 2022
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Hello Entrepreneur,

Welcome you to the brand new scratch with a fun earning android application in 2022. If you are looking for a fairy godmother, you might find her in this android application. Since the creation of the internet, scratch card games have become hugely popular. These scratch cards have become much more inventive, with colorful designs and intricate games to make the scratch card experience even more enjoyable and thrilling.

This application is developed as user-friendly and gives the user the best experience. A scratch game (or scratch card) is a lottery game. On a small area, an opaque visual hides the result and the player must scrape the visual to learn the result. For you, it creates a fun and interactive project. This App is designed for entertainment purposes. scratch to win depends on your luck and more win to chance.

If you’re choosing this new version trending application for your startup then there may be an opportunity to be a millionaire in a few weeks.

About application

This is an android earning application with an admin panel back-end for users who wants to earn cash. It can manage unlimited users and points. This application is built with android studio and we used clean and quality code for the best performance with a beautiful UI design. Firebase and one signal are used for the notification system.

Application Features:-

A good Splash screen

A splash screen is an image/animation that appears when the users enter the application. It is like saying ‘welcome’ to the user. It is the page that will keep the user busy until the app is ready. This is definitely done to give a better experience to the user. it’s the very first chance of creating a positive impact on the users.

Splash screens are used to enhance a brand and have something fun for users to look at while waiting for the app to open. Our app gives the users a beautiful and attractive view of the splash screen, thereby increasing their curiosity. This reduces the waiting time and gives the user confidence in the app.

Hassle-free registration and login

Registration and login only happen the first time users access the system. Many user registration systems typically ask the user to create a username and password and possibly answer other security questions as well. But our app gives customers easy registration in one click as OTP login which completes the time. Hassle-free registration will increase in-person sign-up opportunities, reduce login failures, and increase average application time as well.

Recent scratch as a leader board

The next feature of this app is the leader board. The purpose of the leaderboard is to make a simple comparison. It is an ordered list with a score beside each user’s name. Leader board can be a fun way to drive competition among players.

In our app, the names of the scratchers who scratch recently are shown on this board. The main objective of this board is to let everyone know about their recent status, who is doing scratch and earning more money.

Promotional banner slider

A promotional banner is the most cost-effective and popular. Here you can tell the world about your application through graphics and even animation. Banner graphics give you the freedom to portray your application in a way that connects to the User.

The seasonal offers of your app help the users to know about the recent game update, FAQ sections, and many more according to your need. Visual publicity, as well as word of mouth, will get you users interested in your Application.

Transaction History

Transaction history can cover any specified period and is typically more detailed and shows more recent activity. In this Application transaction, the history button will be found below the recent spin where the user can get information about all his transactions. Along with that, he can know how many points he got from spin and how many from daily check-in.

Withdrawal History

This is a very cool feature in which the user can know how much money he has transferred to his account. There is some term & condition for doing money withdrawal, only after fulfilling that one can withdraw money.

So let’s know that after fulfilling which condition the user can withdraw money.

In this game user is getting some points after a spin, when a user’s point becomes 100, it will be 1 rupee. Meaning that 100 points = 1 rupee. When a user will have Rs 120 in his account, only then he can withdraw money and transfer it to his bank account.

There is an option to automatically withdraw where the user has to select an amount and give his/her UPI address. When the selected amount will be deposited in the user’s wallet, it will automatically be transferred to your account. This is a very unique withdrawal method where the user does not have to worry or take any risk about his/her withdrawal.

Daily check-in 

Users get hooked on a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with getting something back from the game. Research shows that rewards increase the motivation for the game. In scratch reward, we will fix that the user gets the lowest price for a daily scratch. It Encourages user return visits every day.

Scratch win 

In Scratch Win, the user will have to see some ads to scratch, the user can scratch after seeing all the ads and win the reward. Now we are going to discuss the scratch play module.

This scratch game has no limit on the scratch. Whenever a user clicks on the scratch now option, some ads will run in front of him, after that ad, a scratch card will come in front of the user, where the user has to Scratch the card. After a scratch, a video advertisement will appear again in front of the user, after that the user will see a button to collect his earning point will be deposited in the wallet. To collect points by scratch once, the user has to see at least 8/10 ads.
Now let’s discuss the earning module.

Here the application you will get money from seeing the user’s ads. On seeing 1000 ADS by users, you will get 75-80 rupees. We are giving only a few points to the user for seeing ADS in the game. But whenever the user sees 1000 ADS, the entire 75-80 rupees will be deposited in our account. We are giving users one rupee in 100 points. The user has to scratch the card at least 40/50 times to score 100 points. Once a user scratched 8-10 ads come in front of the user, imagine how many ads would have come in front of the user to scratch 40/50 times.

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