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  • August 18, 2022
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Hello Entrepreneur,

Have you ever seen an ad for a mobile game that looked fun,we have come to this market with a new Application Fun To Watch with Entertainment And Reward.The continuous expansion of the mobile Application market has led to the development of innovative ad formats. These ads act as an interactive teaser of the game, so the user start playing, becomes engaged and proceed with the levels.  In Application Advertising is a monetization strategy that use to boost games revenue.

This is a relatively new format and net worth type game that will give you a chance to earn a lot of money. I also show you the Ad Mob and other ad networks earning proof at the end. Please read the full article and check the fun-to-spin demo as well as to know more about this application.

About Application

This Android project builds on android studio by using Java language and contains a safe, secure, API with a core PHP back-end.The application can handle as many as users, you can target in this app. ( But depends on your server capacity; “SUGGESTED BEST SERVER FROM PHHOST

As we discuss this android application contains much more interesting and cool features for users that can help you to maintain engagement on this application.

Features Of the new net worth Fun To Watch:-

Fascinating Splash Screen:

Splash Screen is the very First screen the user sees when they open up an application on a Device. It is the very first chance of creating a positive impact on the User. Splash Screen will play a crucial role in generating the first impression of Application. It can be a way to offer your user a little excitement. This app gives us a charming beautiful splash screen which increases the eagerness of the user.

Hassle-free registration and login:

A user registration system generally asks a user to create a username and password and possible answer other security questions as well but this app provides users with easy registration in a single click which meets the time. it reduce fewer login failure and no need to remember Passwords and save time.


Dashboard With Attractive UI:

Dashboard are a powerful opportunity to influence user behavior . In our app, the creativity of the dashboard is communicating our goals to the user which gives a smooth experience to them. our dashboard is combined with fascinating UI making the boring analytical data easy to read and understand.

Promotional banner:

Banners are typically used to draw attention. Banner advertising is attractive because it can help create brand awareness, generate leads, and re-target an user. it bring freshness to the application and improve its efficiency. it have to be eye catching enough to attract attention.promotional banner slider shows the seasonal offers of your app which helps the users to know about the recent game update, FAQ sections, and many more according to your need.

Daily check-in 

Daily rewards are a very common dark pattern used in games. Reward increase the motivation for task that have little intrinsic value and they encourage user to daily visit.Due to this facility, the user will take interest in visiting the application daily. This application will give the user a reward when the user open the application daily and visit daily check in page.

Fun to Watch

Refer and Earn

The purpose of a referral program is to attract new user to the application. it is a great method In which user making some side income and it increasing application popularity in the gaming market. it is a very unique ways and encouraging user to refer application to another.On these referral pages, users will get a share button through which users can share this game link to any other via Whats App, message.

My referral

Whenever a user refers someone in the game, user did not know whether he has installed the application using the user’s referral code or not.  In my referral page, the user can know which user has installed the game using his referral code.This is a very useful feature for the user.

Fun To Watch

Transaction History

Transaction history is a record of all transactions and is also a great tool to help users keep track of their earning points.In this page the user will be able to know all the information about his transaction.Along with that, user can know how many points he got from which game and how many from daily check-in and how many from daily Spin.

Withdrawal History

Here users can find all the information about their withdrawal. There is some term & condition for doing money withdrawal, only after fulfilling that one can withdraw money.

So let’s know that after fulfilling which condition the user can withdraw money.when a user’s point becomes 100, it will be 1 rupees. Meaning that 100 points = 1 rupee. When a user will have Rs 120 in his account, only then he can withdraw money and transfer it to his bank account. There is an option to automatically withdraw where the user has to select an amount and give his/her UPI address. When the selected amount will be deposited in the user’s wallet, it will automatically be transferred to your account. This is a very unique withdrawal method where the user does not have to worry or take any risk about his/her withdrawal.

All games:-

All interesting games are provided in this app which every user wants to Play. it is very much interesting to play and adventurous to see how good you are in your own capability. You will get to see a lot of games under the All Games option. After choosing a game, you will get to see a lot of battle games related to that game in front of you. User can join by clicking on whichever of the battle game he wants to join. After completing the payment of the entry fee it will start the game automatically.

Now let’s discuss the gameplay module of All game. In All games, a score is set from the back-end admin panel. when a user plays the game for the first time to be a winner user should beat the admin panel preset score if the user beats the preset score then he/she will be the winner. Next time when a user comes to play the game he/she should beat his/her own score to be the winner.

Let’s assume that you have 1000 users in your app and you set a minimum of 10 rs. entry fee for each user to join the contest. Then you got a total of 10,000(1000*10) investments from a single contest. you have to pay some winning amount to the user who actually wins the game. There is a winning chance of 50% so your profit will be 5000 approximately from single game play. 1 contest maybe take up to 5 minutes. Then you can arrange 12 contests per hour, 288 contests per day, and 8640 contests per month. so you got your total profit of 43,200,000 INR.

Now let’s discuss the earning module.

Here the application you will get money from seeing the user’s ads. On seeing 1000 ADS by users, you will get 75-80 rupees. We are giving only a few points to the user for seeing ADS in the game. But whenever the user sees 1000 ADS, the entire 75-80 rupees will be deposited in our account. We are giving users one rupee in 100 points. The user has to scratch the card at least 40/50 times to score 100 points. Once a user scratched 8-10 ads come in front of the user, imagine how many ads would have come in front of the user to scratch 40/50 times.

Beat the Score

Here user can play break the score game by biting off fixed score and get a reward according to his/her performance in this game. it is very much interesting to play and adventurous to see how good you are in your own capability. In beat the score ,the user will get to see many different types game, the user can play whatever game he likes to play. In all games a certain score is fixed whenever a user beat the fixed score he will get reward point.


Notifications are a fast and efficient way to communicate with your user.It allow you to keep in touch with your users in a non-intrusive way by providing timely messages and helpful and relevant information like rewards descriptions and special offers. They also provide a great way of getting users to engage in new promotions or features. If the requirement of the message is for any individual user then this can also be done in this app. The only individual user will be messaged as per the instruction.

FunTo Watch

My referral

In My Referral Features, the user can know who has installed the application through his referral link.

About Us

In About us, the user will get information about the creations of the game application.

Contact us

If any user has a problem doing transactions or spinning in this application, then he can contact you by clicking on contact us.

Privacy policy

This features page displays all the legal policies to the users that they cannot abide by any rules and regulations of this App.

Term & Condition

On this page, the user will get to see all the terms & conditions of the game, Which are mandatory to follow.


This page allows users to find answers to all the questions in one place. Not only does it make life easier for your application user, but it can also save your time and resources.

Required info

  • Server
  • domain
  • Email id & password
  • logo
  • splash screen
  • A good app name
  • One signal code or account for setup
  • Payment gateway credentials
  • Privacy policy, terms & condition & Help URL.


  • First, you need a server to make this game, so you can choose the server according to your app’s needs.
  • If you want to buy a domain then you can buy a domain from our site PHHOST. We are providing domain in our site at very affordable price, if you want, you can purchase domain from our site.
  • You need a logo for the game application, if you have a logo for the game, then we can use it. If you do not have a logo, then we can provide you a logo and for that you will have to pay 500 charges.
  • The game application requires an attractive splash screen. If you have a splash screen you can use that. If you want to get a splash screen from us then we will charge you just RS 700 for a splash screen.
  • If you have payment gateway approval then OK if you want to make a payment gateway from us we will charge you only 500 rupees for the payment gateway.
  • Remember, if you want to set up the game near us, then we will set up the game for you only in 1000. If you do not want to do then we will tell you about documentation through which you can set up your game.
  • For game application you need a very cool game name. If you have already thought about the name of the application, then it is fine that we can use it. Otherwise, we can suggest you the names of some games too.
  • The game needs a fascinating graphics if you have any graphics for the game then OK. If you want to get graphics for your game from us then we will provide you graphics for your game in just 1500 rupees.
  • Remember, if you want to create an account in the play store for your game, then we will create an account for you in the play store only for 2700 rupees after that, if you want to upload your game to the play store then we will upload your game to the play store only for 3000 rupees.



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